Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Roger Federer Gillette Trick Shot - real or fake?

How do you generate Earned Media around a celebrity photoshoot?

If the celebrity in question is Roger Federer, you get him to do a trick shot, film it and distribute it on YouTube..........

The comments have already started filling up with 'is it real?' debate. For example, one user posting: 'It's amazing, I've gone from thinking it's fake, to thinking it might be real, to thinking it's 100% real.'

So is it or isn't it?!

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Anonymous said...

definite fake. badly edited. not clear enough to see. etc

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fake. Roger's not that great an actor as most athletes aren't. No one would be stupid enough to let him try. If he could do that, this man would never fault. Ever. And he does fault. NOT REAL. It's a viral ad for Gillette. Everyone's doing them.

globalroyalties said...

Not really sure it's fake. The second shot was clear. But I did not see the ball though. However, It would be a cool Party Trick.

Routers and Gadgets Technology

globalroyalties said...

I am sure if it is fake. The second shot was a little bit realistic, but it was a very difficult shot. Fake or not, it would really be a cool party trick.

Routers and Gadgets Technology

Pablo Edwards said...

Agreed, The situation and fact its Roger on youtube make it a little sketch, it it looks legit and he is one helluva server.