Monday, 13 September 2010

Lady Gaga meat dress 2010 is not a new concept - meat-based clothing has been on the web for years!

One of the earliest random / viral websites that I was sent a link to was Set up in 2005, the site shows a selection of meat habadashery with various meat-based head pieces and other fashion accessories. It's tongue in cheek and brought together under a supposed quote from Mark Twain "one always look neat in a hat made of meat."

TrendHunter then featured 'Carnivorous shorts' in February 2009 with material designed to look like raw meat:

and featured an article in June 2009 about's 'most disgusting creation', a real meat dress:

I have thought about from time to time, but never really found an excuse to highlight or talk about it. Suddenly, it becomes super relevant! Recently posing on the cover of Japanese Vogue in a beef bikini, and then showing up at the MTV Video music awards in a meat dress last night, Lady Gaga has got the world talking about meat fashion.

Will meat clothing, or clothing designed to look like raw meat, now turn up on the high street? Will the meat dress provide an alternative story to the Influencer driven propagation of Hush Puppies?

There are a few things here:

1) If you want to drive a lot of conversation in a short space of time, then mainstream media is still the most effective platform (look at how many duplicate videos of the Lady Gaga meat dress MTV appearance have been uploaded to YouTube, the volume of blog mentions and the number of comments it has generated)

2) Attention in one place can drive attention in another - how many people have become aware of Vogue Japan as a result of the Lady Gaga meat dress appearance at the MTV Video Music awards, how many people are hitting YouTube as a result of the TV show / subsequent discussion?

3) This is yet another illustration of content disaggregation - people aren't consuming the meat dress appearance from the official MTV show, they are consuming through the news stories, video clips, and comments of their friends. It's not the show in it's entireity that is travelling, it's just a piece of it that is spreading globally through social platforms (but all the while raising awareness of the main event)

4) Controversy drives conversation - if Lady Gaga had appeared wearing a 'normal' dress would anyone have been interested?

5) There is no such thing as a new idea, it's just old ideas remixed or old ideas re-combined / re-interpreted to form a new story

......and if you want to understand more about the Lady Gaga brand then this video from Newcast (a division of ZenithOptimedia / Vivaki) should help!

Brand Romance by Newcast from Newcast VivaKi on Vimeo

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