Friday, 22 October 2010

X Factor Compactor - judges face mashup

X Factor Compactor lets internet users take elements from the faces of the 4 X Factor judges and mash them all together.

Under the description 'Wreak facial havoc on the real stars of your favourite aspiration-baiting plebqueller' [?], the eyes, noses, heads and mouths of Cheryl, Simon, Louis and Dannii can all be mashed together to produce some startling new creations! Users can then share their X Factor Compactor face mashups through Facebook etc.

X Factor compactor example 1X Factor Compactor example 1

x factor compactor judges face mash upX Factor Compactor example 2

x factor compactor judges face gameX Factor Compactor example 3

All very silly, but an easy and effective way of driving page views and interaction - I'm sure we'll see site traffic for The Poke increase over coming days.

Viral content is rarely the stuff of highbrow intellectualism. The most successful viral content tends to be more about throwaway fun and the X Factor compactor is a nice example of this. Expect to be seeing it everywhere by this time next week!


[Thank you to Dave Gorman for highlighting!]

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