Saturday, 9 October 2010

Yeo Valley Rap becomes Twitter Trending Topic after TV 'Big Seed' drives conversation - The Amplified Present in action!

Update for 2011: See the Yeo Valley 2011 ad and how it featured in Twitter trending topics here

Yeo Valley hit Twitter Trending topics after showing the 'Yeo Valley Rap' TV ad as the first ad in the X-Factor's first break. The Yeo Valley Rap is on YouTube here:

A recent study revealed that 37% of TV viewers in the UK are using the internet whilst they view and the X Factor has been repeatedly seen to prompt people to talk in social media (last series I posted on this here - X Factor - socialised TV?) We even coined a phrase for this concept in a recent ZenithOptimedia Moxie Trends video, calling it the Amplified Present.

For advertisers, this is about Big Seed marketing rather than targeting 'Influencers.' Yeo Valley used broadcast TV to reach a large, primetime audience and saw the conversation explode as a result. This wasn't the work of a Two-Step / Special Connector, this was the effect of 1+1+1+1+1 etc - a full on broadcast push that saw the content discussed on a large scale within minutes of ithe Yeo Valley Rap airing.

Yeo Valley Rap Global Twitter Trending TopicYeo Valley Rap on Twitter Trending Topics (number 2 globally)

Yeo Valley Rap Twitter Trends London
Yeo Valley Rap on Twitter Trending Topics (number 1 in London)

This is more in line with the ideas of Duncan Watts, rather than Malcolm Gladwell. In a Fast Company article entitled 'Is The Tipping Point Toast?' Watts disagrees with the 'Law Of The Few' and Influentials theory.

The article concludes: 'The ultimate irony of Watts's research is that, if you really buy it, the most effective way to pitch your idea is ... mass marketing. And that is precisely what the wizards of Madison Avenue, presiding over our zillion-channel microniche market, have rejected as obsolete.'

The Yeo Valley Rap is great content (if nothing else it provokes a reaction), was positioned in an ad break with a huge audience and the Yeo Valley Rap got people talking. Normally Twitter is dominated by X Factor discussion of contestants and performances, tonight the most tweeted part of the show seems to be the first ad break - and the Yeo Valley Rap!

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