Monday, 15 November 2010

Elf Yourself 2010 - OfficeMax and JibJab bring back

Update: ElfYourself 2014 - click here for the latest version!

Elf Yourself is back for 2010! is one of the longest running 'viral' campaigns, appearing every Christmas for the last few years, giving internet users the chance to 'Elf Yourself' and send personalised Christmas messages.

As with 2009, Elf Yourself 2010 allows users to upload photos from their desktop, Facebook - or this year a webcam too:

Uploading photos to create an Elf Yourself animation

Photos can be edited / adapted and up to five images can be added to an Elf Yourself greeting. Once uploaded, a theme can be selected - this year there are new Elf Yourself options such as '80's Dance Party', 'Surfing' or 'Hip Hop':

Selecting the Elf Yourself animation style

An Elf Yourself animation is then created to show the personalised elves dancing in the setting that has been selected. This can be forwarded by email or embedded / distributed through Facebook (though disappointingly this year there is no option to embed to a blog......)

Elf Yourself users can again pay for a permanent version of their creation as well as order gifts (mugs, mousemats etc) that hold the personalised Elf Yourself image.

OfficeMax have done this before, but is still entertaining and the Christmas season wouldn't be the same without the opportunity to Elf Yourself!

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