Monday, 22 November 2010

Lacoste store QR code window displays (pointing to Lacoste Tennis game)

The Lacoste store at Westfield has a QR code mechanic in their shop window.

Lacoste store QR codes shop window
Lacoste store window at Westfield

The Lacoste shop window QR code instructs people to 'scan the QR code with your smart phone to play the Lacoste Championship':

Lacoste store QR codes shop window close upLacoste store window QR code close up

It all points to the Lacoste Championship which is a classic bat and ball type arcade game, also accessible through the website at The whole thing is integrated with Facebook / Twitter and at the end of the game players can register for a 15% Lacoste store discount and enter a Lacoste prize draw competition.

Lacoste Championship gameLacoste Championship bat and ball / 'pong' tennis game

The whole thing is designed to complement the Lacoste sponsorship of the ATP Tennis World Tour - though the fact that I learnt about it through classic Owned Media (ie the shop window) is another reminder of the need to maximise all touchpoints for promotion, it's not just about having a Facebook page......

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1 comment:

Pablo Edwards said...

I love it... Through back Atari style games are still my favorite. Point, Lacoste!