Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Top Facebook status trends of 2010 - HMU is number one!

Last week Google published Google Zeitgeist 2010, giving details of the things people searched for most in 2010. Google then pulled everything together in a video 'Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review':

Facebook have now revealed their '2010 Memology - Top Status Trends of the year.' Some Facebook status trends for 2010 are similar to internet user Searches (World Cup, Haiti, Chilean Miners etc) but some Facebook status trends are not:

Facebook status updates 2010 most popular
Facebook top status updates 2010

According to Facebook, HMU (Hit Me Up) hardly registered in 2009, but this year HMU dominated Facebook status updates. Facebook have published a graph to show how much use of HMU has grown this year, especially at weekends:

HMU use on Facebook status 2010
Growth in use of HMU on Facebook status updates in 2010

Both the Google Zeitgeist 2010 and the Facebook most popular status update trends give us a fascinating (retrospective) insight into internet use this year, but also stand as a reminder that Search and Facebook / social are not the same. Site usage data can point to similar trends, but it can point to very different things too.

Google Zeitgeist is here - link
Facebook top status trends for 2010 is here - link

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