Monday, 31 January 2011

Augmented Reality TV quiz - Galileo and Junaio bring AR to broadcast television

An initiative by Galileo and Junaio has enabled TV viewers to actively participate in a live television show and react to things shown on the TV screen, by simply using a smartphone and the augmented reality browser junaio.

A live broadcast of the popular German science show ProSieben "Galileo" featured a quiz where viewers could point their smartphone's camera at the TV screen and participate directly.

Multiple choice questions were displayed simultaneously on the TV screen and the viewers mobile (through the AR browser.) The mobile user could then click on one of the answer options and get instant feedback on whether they were right or wrong (regardless of whether the answer had appeared on the TV by that point.) Mobile players could also see how they ranked compared to other people playing at home.

This is another example of Augmented Reality getting more useful and another demonstration of broadcast TV facilitating the active audience by giving them an opportunity to join in. This is more than SMS voting, this is live audience participation from the living room and advances in this area could open up a range of possibilities across TV schedules. Millionaire and other shows could harness this, but so could any TV content that could be enhanced through audience interaction (political debate? sports? X Factor and so on.......)

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1 comment:

Carol L. Weinfeld said...

Great idea. It signifies that in the future T.V. will be more interactive, in order to engage the viewer.