Monday, 10 January 2011

Intel - The Chase Film [video]

To drive buzz around the '2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor', Intel have created a piece of video content called 'The Chase Film.' The video description states that 'the spot demonstrates the performance capabilities of the new processors by creating an action-movie style chase sequence that takes place through a wide variety of program windows on a computer desktop.'

The film sees the heroine jumping in and out of different software packages with one of the YouTube comments giving timings as:

0:12 Windows media player 0:13 Quicktime 0:16 Microsoft Words 0:19 Microsoft Excel 0:24 Facebook 0:33 iTunes 0:34 Photo Viewer (?) 0:37 Blogger (?) 0:41 MSN 0:44 Adobe Photoshop 0:46 Random Fighting game...? 0:52 Google Earth 0:52 Flickr 0:55 Youtube 1:02 Google Maps 1:05 Google Maps Streetview 1:09 Adobe Flash Player 1:10 Microsoft Powerpoint 1:26 Windows 7

The Chase Film does not seem to link to anything or open up a wider content gateway, it is just an interesting piece of video creative and, according to Contagious Magazine, The Chase Film forms the centrepiece of the Intel exhibit at CES in Las Vegas where the second-generation of i5 is debuting.

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Carol L. Weinfeld said...

Dazzling display of technology.

Nick Burcher said...

Hi Carol, couldn't agree more! (and thanks for all the comments!) Nick