Friday, 21 January 2011

Moods - user expression + real-time data = new targeting opportunities?

Traditionally it was about targeting demographic groups, then came behaviourial targeting and now there seem to be more and more things around targeting content and ads to moods. No longer just a case of right people in right context, we may now be approaching a point where we can target the right people in the right place in the right frame of mind!

The NHS in Gloucestershire (England) have launched a 'Moodometer' app that monitors users' emotional wellbeing:

NHS Moodometer app

Marketing have reported that the iPhone / iPod Touch app created by Mubaloo 'asks users to rate their current mood with a selection of emoticons. Users who update their mood status on a regular basis will receive advice from the NHS about how to improve their emotional wellbeing, from taking exercise to seeking professional help.'

Advertising agency Grey in Canada have created a 'Global Moods clock' that interprets geo-tagged data for a diverse selection of major cities around the world, including Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, as well as Moscow, Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai. The clocks, in addition to telling time, reflect the “mood” of a city by showing the dominant colour from the latest geo-tagged photo uploads to Flickr, as well as the top Google search and Twitter trending word, all in real time.

Grey global moods clock
Global moods clock

Another app by Syntonetic called 'Moodagent' is an 'intelligent system that can automatically decode every truly musical property in every song‚ including moods and emotions' and helps to create / automatically creates playlists grouped around moods, whilst Musicovery helps to discover music that suits the mood you are in ('Energetic, Calm, Positive, Dark.)

Musicovery app

Spotify have been toying with the mood targeting idea for a while now and as the web and (more importantly) analytics goes real-time, then this sort of thing becomes more feasible. 'I want to target x audience, on x platform, in a positive frame of mind' may start to become a reality.

I didn't make any prediction lists for this year, but real-time responding and mood targeting (the fusion of Paid and Earned / the ability to couple Paid Media placements with targeting based on user expression and sentiment) is definitely an interesting area!

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Pablo Edwards said...

This sounds like it could be a very useful tool. Save a lot of guess work no doubt.

Carol L. Weinfeld said...

This relates to the trend of sentiment analysis. It will be interesting to see targeting based on consumers' moods in real-time.