Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Google Goggles app links offline ads with online mobile information automatically

I've been talking a lot about how traditional ads can offer a gateway to a wider digital content experience for the active audience who want to get involved more deeply. Tagging print ads and TV creative with things like Facebook addresses and QR codes have been examples of this, but now Google have taken things further with their latest iteration of mobile app Google Goggles.

Google Goggles logoGoogle Goggles is a mobile app designed to let users conduct visual searches. The mobile user opens the app, takes a photo of something and the Google Goggles app then returns information in the form of related searches. This has been seen to work for everything from landmark buildings to famous works of art to product bar codes (I posted about Google Goggles and how it works here.)

The latest edition of Google Goggles is now designed to offer links and relevant information about products featured in newspaper and magazine advertising too - regardless of whether the ads have QR barcodes or not.

Example of a magazine ad captured by Google Goggles and returning mobile web information

This started with an experiment last year with 5 brands in the US - Buick, Diageo, T-Mobile, Disney and Delta. This video explains more:

This was an experiment, but Google have now expanded the program so that Google Goggles will show links and mobile information in response to photographing ANY print advertisements from major US magazines or newspapers since August 2010. This brings interactivity to any traditional ad regardless of whether a digital call to action is embedded in the print execution. This opens a whole range of possibilities, breathes new life into print formats and should be a further spur to action to those who are yet to embrace mobile optimised versions of their websites.

Amazing technology and another sign (if we need one) of how everything is fusing and linking together. If any print ad can automatically act as a mobile referral, there are some interesting times just around the corner!

......and Google Goggles can now solve Sudoku puzzles too (just photograph the puzzle and the Goggles app will provide the right answers almost instantly!!!!!)

Hat tip Google blogs here and here

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virtual office malaysia said...

This is a breakthrough from the usual Google searching method. Leave it to the search engine giant when it comes to innovation.

Carol L. Weinfeld said...

Amazing technology indeed. It's an interesting possibility that the Google Goggles app could take the place of mobile websites.


Eddie said...

Technology is really starting to get crazy... @Steve... amazing is right!