Thursday, 6 January 2011

Twitter demographics vs Facebook demographics - infographic showing user statistics for 2010

A nice infographic highlighting the demographics and user profiles for Twitter and Facebook in 2010 (though the Twitter data seems to be from March 2010 and user counts have increased significantly since then.)

The data shows Twitter to be more US centric, slightly older and more mobile:

twitter demographics

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Hat tip to the Wall blog and Digital Surgeons

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office philippines said...

Great resource although we still have to see if the data stays true until a new social media platform comes into place.

juegos de ben 10 said...

There is big difference between twitter & facebook , Now a days Facebook is like a monster and everyday grows so fast , I hope someday twitter grow up like facebook .

Peter Rimmer said...

I understand this report was made some time ago so it would be interesting to see how the situation has changed, especially now Twitter runs promoted tweets and Facebook seems to be pushing brands much more.

Rano said...

Dulu. Status dari twiter bs ke facebook tp skrng mlah tabalek, facebook k twiter bisa tp twite k facebook tidak bisa, bgma caranya agar komonikasi dri twitter terhubung ke facebook?