Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Facebook Magazine!

If you live in Sweden and don't know how to use Facebook, then help is at hand with the new Facebook Magazine!

Facebook MagazineThe Facebook Magazine! (click for larger image)

Facebook för alla
(Facebook for all)

Snabba tips, smarta råd och skojiga guider
(Quick tips, smart advice and fun guides)

Upptäck Facebooks hemligheter - här är guiderna som hjälper dig att få ut maximalt av tjänsten - och gör dina vänner avundsjuka
(Discover Facebook's secrets - here are guides to help you get the most out of the service - and make your friends envious)

With recent Facebook usage figures showing Sweden having 4.04m users (around 43% of the population) the potential market for this is huge, just depends on how many users need a magazine to help them........

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1 comment:

Adex said...

Are there any people who don't know how to use Facebook??