Monday, 21 February 2011

Live Twitter posters - London Fashion Week and Forever 21 [VIDEO]

The socialisation of traditional media is continuing and digital poster sites displaying live Twitter streams is an interesting development. The video poster sites show a rolling series of brand related tweets, turning the billboards into a real time social media display and promoting the advocacy of fans to the wider public.

The Forever 21 Twitter billboard is hosted in Times Square above the entry to the store and displays Forever 21 related tweets:

For London Fashion Week, CBS video poster sites on the London Underground are displaying a stream of Fashion Week related tweeting. The example below is from Bank station (filmed on a camera phone, quality isn't great but you get the general idea):

The socialisation of traditional media continues!

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Carol L. Weinfeld said...

These examples also show that many fashion brands excel at social media.

Password Manager said...

Great use of Social Media. It is amazing to see how the people who "Get it" really Get it.