Saturday, 19 February 2011

One million Likes on Facebook - 5 examples of how Page owners are celebrating

There seem to be a spate of Facebook Pages passing the one million Likes milestone and page owners are celebrating by creating content to say 'thank you.'

Here are five nice examples of content that has been created for reaching one million Facebook Likes:

1) Heineken - sends out 'One million Heineken Hugs', real life hugs in the bars of Amsterdam to say thank you:

2) World Of Warcraft - released a special wallpaper depicting 'an epic eight-person raid on Magtheridon 'to say thank you for reaching one million fans:

World of Warcraft million Facebook Likes

3) Porsche - have unveiled a special commemorative car with the names of all one million Facebook fans printed on it.

Internet users can also access a Porsche flash animation that shows how the car was printed and then allows fans to search for their name and zoom in on the Porsche to see them. [Hat tip: Digital Examples]

4) Tourism Australia - a talking Kangaroo says thanks a million!

5) Zynga - in December Farmville maker Zynga offered all Farmville players 'a special wreath-adorned holiday cow on their farms' if Zynga passed the One Million Facebook Likes mark:

Zynga Farmville one million Likes Facebook

I'm sure there are many other good examples (please feel free to leave in the comments below), but the celebration of one million Likes seems to be more and more widespread. The quest to get there spurs the fan base into action and then the achievement is celebrated, driving further publicity and interaction.

Indeed, this is more than just having a page and attracting Likes / fans. This is about interacting with a fan base and then giving something back - again it's not the having of fans, but what you do with them that counts........

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