Wednesday, 30 March 2011

CK One - mobile app unlocks moving ads in magazines, on billboards and in stores

CK One's latest poster campaign is promoting a CK One app for both iPhone and Android. Ads are appearing on bus stops across central London and are tagged with a message that encourages people to 'download the app at'

CK One poster with mobile app promotionCK One poster execution at London bus stop
(on Edgware Road near underground station)

CK One poster with mobile appCK One poster execution at London bus stop
(on north side of Putney Bridge)

CK One mobile app poster close upCK One poster execution - close up of mobile call to action

Visiting on a mobile phone gives a link to users so that they can download the app:

CK One mobile site with app download buttonsAndroid screen grab of

Once the app is downloaded the user is able to 'Reveal exclusive video content on magazine, in-store and billboard advertising', 'Find stores, billboards and events' nearby, access further video content and maintain a playlist of unlocked content:

CK One app opening screenAndroid screen grab of CK One app opening screen

This is another example of a campaign delivering a self-contained message through traditional media, whilst acting as a gateway to content for the active audience who want to get more involved. In this case mobile is the glue that brings the campaign to life and ties everything together - a sign of things to come?

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Carol L. Weinfeld said...

Yes, this continues the trend of increased interactivity in outdoor ads.


oviya said...

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