Monday, 28 March 2011

Rowntree's Randoms QR code posters all over London (except underground)

Rowntree's Randoms are running a poster campaign across London using (seemingly) a huge number of bus stop and underground poster sites. The Rowntree's Randoms ads promote the chance for consumers to 'win £1,084 reward' if they find a sweet in the shape of Randoms character 'Phoney Gnome' inside their packet (the web destination also allows for the entry of a 12 digit pack code for further prize potential.)

Rowntrees Randoms QR code poster LondonRowntree's Randoms poster execution

The interesting aspect for me is that the Rowntree's Randoms posters have a boldly displayed QR code at the bottom encouraging people to 'scan this code with your QR reader' - though this is not included on the underground posters. (Mobile users who do this are automatically directed to the campaign site at

Rowntrees Randoms QR code poster London close upRowntree's Randoms poster execution - QR code close up

The Rowntree's Randoms activity is the most prominent campaign I have seen using QR codes on posters, though QR codes seem to be turning up on more poster executions every week - the QR code / call to mobile action seems to be gaining momentum now and may well replace the Facebook / social media addresses that seemed to be used widely last year (though there is potential for a QR code to resolve to a social media destination too.)

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John Hyde said...

The Landing Page tells me to enter a code in a box. What box?

The page looks complete as is - there is no clue that I have to scroll the screen to see the box.

mlee3680 said...

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