Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Facebook usage statistics 1st April 2011 vs April 2010 vs April 2009

The lastest Facebook usage statistics show some interesting trends.

Latest Facebook usage statistics - Dec 31st 2011 click here

-Facebook is still growing quickly and is far from 'being the new MySpace' as some people have claimed!

- There have been some significant gains across the top 30 Facebook countries by number of users, particularly notable are India, Brazil and Asia (Thailand, Taiwan etc)

- There are now strong signs that Facebook is even starting to seriously challenge in markets where there has been a strong local player - Netherlands, South Korea, Russia (and Facebook is starting to show traction in Japan now too.)

The table below shows the top 30 countries by number of active Facebook users with Facebook data from 1st April 2011 compared to April 2010 and April 2009 Facebook usage statistics (leave a comment if you want to know statistics for other countries.)

Here are the Top 30 countries with highest number of Facebook users (1st Apr 2011 - data from Facebook):

RankCountryNumber of Facebook users April 2009Number of Facebook users April 2010Number of Facebook users 1st April 201112 month growth %24 month growth %
26South Korea156,740566,7804,230,500646.4%2599.1%

[*figures are taken from Facebook API and then compared to Facebook usage statistics lists that I have previously compiled (allowing the 12 month and 24 month comparisons.)]

As always, if you want to know the latest Facebook usage statistics for another country (and data is now published for almost every country in the world), leave a comment in the post below and I will post the relevant Facebook user statistics data.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I see South Africa has fallen out of the top 30. Can you tell me what the stats are now? Thanks

Sherrilynne Starkie said...

Thanks for the link Nick!

Kriztypher said...

Hi! I don't suppose you have the data for all nations that had FB users for these three years?

My time in China said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering if I can get datas for Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand for the past 8 years? Thank you!

Unknown said...

You mention Japan in your text but don't post the numbers -- any chance you could add Japan? Or perhaps just extend your list to the top 50 instead of top 30 countries?

Anonymous said...

Hi, is there any chance of knowing the statistics and growth in number of users for Iran? I would very much appreciate it

abdel said...

Hi nick nice statistics, could you tell me about the growth of users over the world generally, and in morocco specifiqly, i have to do a research about it hopfely to help me.
thank you so much

Dorina said...

Hi, I' Interested in Romania. Can you give me some details? tnx a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the amazing data, do you have any data on Iran (As you might know FB is filtered in Iran so people use U98, proxies or...)

Anonymous said...

could you please tell me the number of FB users in Slovenia and Ireland in 2009. thanks!

Anonymous said...

can you explain the source? Is the data coming from Facebook? From which tool?

Unknown said...

Hi. thanks for sharing the data! I was wondering if you could share the data for Bangladesh...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the data. You write, you have the data from facebook. Now I wonder where you could find the data. I am not able to find them at facebook.com. May you post me a link to the origin?
Thanks a lot!

Business Analyst said...

Thanks for the table. Very helpful statistics.

Would you happen to know how much revenue comes in from every country based on Ad Conversions?

That information would be of good help to me for my research on online advertising.


Anonymous said...

What about Nepal??? Where does it lie? How can I know this?

Anonymous said...

HI Nick, great stats. Any chance you have some numbers for New Zealand? thanks, Janine

Anonymous said...

HI, I am interested in statistics for New Zealand please. Your information is great. Janine

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, are you able to provide Statistics for New Zealand please?

Mark said...

hey awesome stuff... do you know how many FB user for Sri Lanka?


tjoma12 said...

can you give a sttistiks for registred and aktive user from Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova and Belarus.

thank you

Unknown said...

can you please share data of pakistan with me ... looking forward

Anonymous said...

Could you please give me the relevant data of Facebook users in Nepal.

Anonymous said...


I would be most grateful if you could share with me statistics of youths in Singapore using facebook. If that is not possible then the total number of facebook users in Singapore irrespective of age.

Much obliged Sharifah

Anonymous said...

Awesome Philippines is top 7 for facebook fanatic... Because we adopt the culture of United States. :)

Nina said...

Hey Nick,I don't suppose you have the data for all nations that had FB users for 2011?


Anonymous said...

can you give me the latest numbers on jamaica. Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a presentation on Denmark, do you have the numbers for it?

Anonymous said...

Where do you get your statistics from? I need some statistics like these for my thesis, but obviously cannot cite a blog as my source.

Unknown said...

Could you tell me the statistics for north africa (Libya, tunisia) and the middle east (yemen, syria)?


Unknown said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for compiling these statistics. Can you share the numbers for Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Syria?

Thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

Hi,Do you have data for Facebook user of Nepal?

Anonymous said...

Good information. I'd like to have the info for China, please.

Anonymous said...

Hi, could you give me the number of Danish people on Facebook? I'm doing a presentation about Social Media in Denmark soon and would be very much obliged :) Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Looking for Statistics for Northern Ireland for the number of FB users.

Can you send me the detail?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, do you have the full statistics for Indonesia?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

Could you please share the number and past numbers for Vietnam? Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you be able to post the numbers for Vietnam, both current and past? Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! great site. rather than ask you for a fish...would you tell me how i can access this data myself. Must I go directly to facebook?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

could u name the current statistics for the netherlands?

cheers, Steve

RoamingOz said...

Hi Nick did you get the new zealand figures that some others are also requesting, would like to see them too as they might be in top 100.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. If I try to make an ad in Facebook for my country (Puerto Rico) with only Puerto Rico based users from 13 years old to any the site gives me this data:

1,264,480 people
who live in Puerto Rico
who are not already connected to (my profile)
Or somebody is blowing numbers here or there's no way to get an accurate data for this issue.

Unknown said...

You said it is taken from facebook API, is there any way i can see monthly facebook usage stats per country over 2 years. I want to see these stats for Pakistan