Friday, 1 April 2011

French Connection Kitten Couture - April Fool 2011

French Connection have launched 'a new range of Kitten Couture' - just in time for April Fools Day 2011!

French Connection April Fools Day 2011 Kitten CoutureFrench Connection April Fools 2011 - Kitten Couture
(click for larger image)

The French Connection April Fools Day ad in today's UK newspapers simply states 'keep your feline bang on trend with our latest paw-geous designs from our Spring collection.' The Kitten Couture ad text also encourages readers to 'watch the little kittens rock out' on YouTube:

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Unknown said...

Pranks and jokes--what a day! Google has a good one, and so does youtube. An online risk game Conquer Club ~ ~ played a perfect prank -- they translated the whole website into Swedish Chef language. It's so foreign!

kohila balachandran said...

gbgbgbgbgb iloooooooovvovveeee youuuuuuuuuuuu blueberryyyy