Friday, 8 April 2011

US Masters iPad App - excellent and free!

The Official Live Timing and Track Positioning F1 app is a great way of using an iPad to bring an event to life and the Official Cricket World Cup iPad app was fantastic too, however the Official US Masters iPad app looks even better (and it's free!)

A nice bit of video footage welcomes you to 'The Masters' when you open up the US Masters iPad app for the first time:

US Masters iPad app - WelcomeUS Masters iPad app - 'Welcome To The Masters' opening screen

The US Masters app then opens up to offer a wealth of different content - live streams, video highlights, scorecards, latest news and more:

US Masters iPad app - home screen and menusUS Masters iPad app - home screen and menus

Clicking through to the US Masters scoreboard opens up a full screen view of current player positions (with 2 views available):

US Masters iPad app - scoreboardUS Masters iPad app - scoreboard view

Individual players can then be selected, with video highlights of specific US Masters holes available just by clicking a score highlighted with green:

US Masters iPad app - player specific scoreboardUS Masters iPad app - player specific scorecard with video links

The US Masters app can then be personalised through selecting favourite players and allowing either 'General Alerts' or 'Player Alerts' to be served:

US Masters iPad app - personalisationUS Masters iPad app - personalising player notifications

Finally there is a hole by hole overview of the US Masters course that provides the history / story around each hole and a video aerial flyover:

US Masters iPad app - hole by hole indexUS Masters iPad app - hole by hole index

US Masters iPad app - aerial flyoverUS Masters iPad app - aerial flyover of selected hole

The US Masters iPad app appears to be available globally from the iTunes app store and is a fantastic complement to TV coverage - and best of all it's free! Another great example of utility provided by an app and how digital content can improve the terrestrial viewing experience.

[NB the only problem was that on my iPad it seemed to crash from time to time - I wonder if other people have been finding the same problem?]

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