Friday, 6 May 2011

The Lynx Stream social mobile app

The latest digital initiative from Lynx is the Lynx Stream mobile app - effectively a social content aggregator.

Billed as an app 'to capture and record unforgettable nights out', if an event is set up through the app, it will then 'collect every video, picture, text, tweet, check-in and status update a group of friends makes to produce an automatic Stream of the night and highlight video, which can then be watched and shared online.'

Another example of a brand aiming to be helpful and provide something of use rather than simply a branded content experience.

The Lynx Stream app is available for both Android and iPhone and can be downloaded for free from here:

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1 comment:

Mat Morrison said...

If this were a good/great idea, would it work w/o a brand getting involved? Could it self-fund? Could it be a kinda 4sq kinda thing? Looks more style than substance to me.