Friday, 17 June 2011

Coors Light, Jean Claude van Damme and frozen pants.....

The new Coors Light (UK) video features Jean Claude van Damme giving his thoughts on Coors Light and "frozen pants." The video sees Jean Claude van Damme walking across an icy wasteland and discussing different levels of cold.

The video description states: "Coors Light & Jean Claude Van Damme know that even frozen icy pants, restrictive ones, pants frozen solid and tight are nothing compared to the ice cold refreshment of a Coors Light."

The film then points to the associated Facebook Page, and encourages Liking to see more Jean Claude van Damme / Coors Light action.

Random, but the sort of content that has potential to spread through Earned Media conversation.

[Disclaimer - I have not personally been involved in this campaign, but a number of the campaign elements are being handled by the UK division of ZenithOptimedia]

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