Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pottermore announced by JK Rowling - Harry Potter community site to launch from October

JK Rowling has just announced (via YouTube) the impending launch of a Harry Potter community site at

Pottermore will launch in October and promises to be an 'online reading experience unlike any other.' Pottermore will be built 'in part by you, the reader' and aims to be a safe area for Harry Potter fans to congregrate and further enjoy the texts - with JK Rowling even joining in to share additional Harry Potter information from time to time.

The JK Rowling Pottermore announcement video also reveals that Pottermore will be the exclusive venue for purchasing Harry Potter digital audio books and Harry Potter ebooks for the first time.

...and those who 'follow the owl' may be able to access Pottermore before the official launch!

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