Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sony Balls Wimbledon 2011 - classic ad reprised (but not as good as Tango remake?)

Wimbledon marketing has started with Sony reprising the classic Bravia bouncing balls ad for the start of Wimbledon fortnight - this time using (CGI) tennis balls. The new Sony balls ad highlights the fact that Wimbledon 2011 will be filmed in 3D by Sony and shown in HD by the BBC for the first time.

Sony have also created an online tennis ball hunt featuring social / refer a friend mechanics, primarily around Facebook (hosted at and everything is pulled together under the slogan 'Wimbledon, as you've never seen it before.'

I prefer the Tango recreation though.....

......especially the supplementary Tango promotional work that saw a spoof website created, which, masquerading as a site by the 'Swansea North Residents Association', complained that 'large amounts of fruit matter [was left] across the streets, caused damage to property, scared wildlife and residents, and was unaccompanied by financial compensation.' Visitors could even sign a petition to join the protest!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Sony ad is horrific. CGI looks tacky and the reach-out and touch is cringing. Like the idea , just feel the execution is poor