Sunday, 19 June 2011

Swedbank Latvia - social game that asks 'how well do your friends know you?´ drives significant response

Tactics for social network pages and Owned Media spaces are quickly evolving, particularly in measurement. More and more brands are looking at numbers of active fans and volume of engagement rather than just size of fan base.

Posing questions and eliciting response has become a key tactic and Swedbank in Latvia have made the most of this recently with a campaign based taking this idea and fusing it with social gaming creating an initiative called 'how well do your friends know you?' 

The Draugiem activity amplified Swedbank's three key objectives - 'know customers better', 'earn trust' and 'grow together with them.'  Friends answered questions about each other, with the Q and A execution based around the Swedbank logo and housed in content hubs both on the Swedbank Latvia site + the Swedbank Latvia profile page on Latvian social network Draugiem.

This activity is on the Golden Hammer shortlist for 2011 and delivered impressive results - the video below explains more:

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1 comment:

Jake said...

The video has me interested... No wonder why it is getting such great response...