Thursday, 22 September 2011

Facebook Timeline - new profile design revealed [VIDEO]

So the big Facebook redesign news coming out of the Facebook f8 conference?  Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new look Facebook profile called Timeline.

Timeline will greet visitors to your Facebook profile with a large cover photo, allow Facebook users to highlight memorable posts / photos / life events etc and Timeline integrates a 'new class of social apps.'

.......and if you want to see what Timeline will look like, check out the video below:

Available to developers now and rolling out to users over coming weeks, this looks really impressive - can't wait!

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Fred Joseph said...

Pretty impressive development from FB. Lets see how Google + reacts. This looks like the billion $ race - worth following.

Jake said...

The joy Facebook has is that no one pays for membership… which means that you can hate what their doing and complain about it and there is nothing for them to lose. I am not as upset about the changes like some folks, because I have come to realize that Facebook will make changes every month.