Monday, 10 October 2011

TopShop SCVNGR location based activity

What I call Real World Optimisation is becoming more popular and it is interesting to see retail venues experimenting with location based mobile applications.  FourSquare Specials have been the most prominent examples to date, but in the UK TopShop are working with SCVNGR to offer points / exclusive TopShop rewards for students who use SCVNGR and play the 'fun challenges in store.'

TopShop SCVNGR promotion leaflet

TopShop SCVNGR promotion details
TopShop SCVNGR rewards and data

To date there have been 1,410 challenges completed and 93,662 points acquired - an interesting way of turning a real world retail experience into a digital / social experience.  The challenge for all this type of activity is obviously scale, but these sort of initiatives are starting to highlight the potential to plug mobile and social into the real world, especially around retail.

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