Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Elf Yourself 2011 at - OfficeMax Christmas seasonal classic is back for another year!

ElfYourself at has been running for a number of years, with over 160,000,000 elves made to date.

For ElfYourself 2014 - click here!

The principle is simple.  Every year OfficeMax give internet users the chance to upload a photo into an ElfYourself elf template, then create a Christmas elf animation featuring up to 5 personalised elves and then send it on to friends through email or Facebook.

OfficeMax Elf Yourself 2011

For 2011 ElfYourself is still partnering with JibJab and photos can be uploaded from computer, taken from Facebook or recorded from a webcam.

ElfYourself 2011 photo editing
The range of ElfYourself 2011 elf dances includes Funk, HipHop, Disco, 80s, Country, Singing, Surf, Charleston and Classic.

ElfYourself 2011 - Singing
ElfYourself 2011 - Funk
ElfYourself users can share their creations through email or Facebook and also have the option to pay to download their ElfYourself creation, with other ElfYourself options giving users the chance to buy ElfYourself personalised products from the ElfYourself store such as mugs, mousemats, cards and posters.

ElfYourself is only live during the holiday season, but the opening of the ElfYourself site can only mean one thing - Christmas is on the way!(Note - ElfYourself site is opening shortly, but ElfYourself at JibJab is already live at

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