Monday, 28 November 2011

Nokia 800 Lumia DeadMau5 Millbank Tower projection event in central London [videos]

Millbank Tower was the site of the big Nokia 800 Lumia event in central London tonight. Nokia projected onto the tower, while DeadMau5 played a special outdoor set to celebrate the new Nokia 800 Lumia Windows phone.

Nokia 800 Lumia DeadMau5 projection - Millbank Tower, London
The Nokia DeadMau5 event was witnessed by crowds at Millbank Tower and on the Albert Embankment on the south bank of the Thames – with some even lucky enough to witness the DeadMau5 show from boats on the Thames.

The Nokia DeadMau5 event was also live streamed through Nokia Pages on Facebook. I took various videos from Albert Embankment on the South Bank of the Thames looking onto Millbank Tower and the Nokia DeadMau5 performance:

NB any voices heard on these films are from the crowd and not from myself or anyone with me.

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Nokia 800 Lumia DeadMau5 projection at Millbank Tower, London

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