Monday, 5 December 2011

Lagerhaus blog-up stores e-commerce launch (Sweden)

Swedish home interiors store Lagerhaus has launched an e-commerce offering, but, in advance of the main launch, Lagerhaus launched their e-commerce offering through selected blogs and so called 'blog-up stores.'

The Lagerhaus 'blog-up' stores saw prominent interior design bloggers selling Lagerhaus products through a widget embedded onto their own blogs.  This new twist on the traditional affiliate approach worked well in generating PR coverage / online conversation, charging up the Lagerhaus Facebook Page and kickstarting the official Lagerhaus e-commerce store.  Indeed, the blog-up stores have now become a permanent fixture of the Lagerhaus e-commerce offering:

Lagerhaus sales ecosystem including real world stores, e-commerce and blog-up stores

Full details of the Lagerhaus blog-up store activity can be seen in the video below (though would be interesting to know what the sales return from this activity turned out to be):

Hat tip: Spinning Around / James Gordon-MacIntosh

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