Sunday, 15 January 2012

David Beckham on Google+ and hanging out live

David Beckham is now on Google+ and on Thursday January 19th Google+ users can hang out with Beckham after he has participated in a live video Google interview.   

David Beckham on Google+
Interview questions can be submitted by posting to Google+ with hashtag #GoogleBeckham and the David Beckham Google interview will be posted to YouTube afterwards.  The David Beckham Google interview starts at 1700 GMT / 1200 EST / 0900 PST and the Beckham Google + Hangout is scheduled for 1830 GMT / 1330 EST / 1030 PST - more details can be seen in this video:

David Beckham is the latest celebrity to feature in Google+ promotion after previous appearances from a range of diverse characters (from to the Dalai Lama.)  Celebrity use helped drive Twitter into the mainstream and it will be interesting to see whether celebrity usage will drive engagement / usage of Google+ in a similar way...

Hat tip: Official Google blog and the YouTube blog 

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