Friday, 9 March 2012

Angry Birds and NASA - new game launched by astronaut on International Space station!

New Angry Birds 'Space' (presented by Samsung Galaxy Note) launches on March 22nd for IOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Angry Birds Space
In advance of this game maker Rovio have managed to pull off an extraordinary publicity stunt - Angry Birds Space was unveiled by astronaut Don Pettit whilst he was on the International Space station whilst it travelled 242.5 miles above the Earth!

Don Pettit launches Angry Birds Space on the International Space station
Pettit announced the new Angry Birds game and demonstrated what happens when you fire a red bird from a slingshot in zero gravity.  The Angry Birds Space announcement then featured game footage from the forthcoming release and everything can be seen in the video below:

Amazing stunt and the sort of content that is sure to drive drives mass conversation / mass sharing!

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