Sunday, 1 April 2012

BMW April Fools Day 2012 ad - BMW Driverless Running Coach [images]

Update: BMW April Fools Day 2013 ad here

BMW have a long history of running a BMW April Fools advert and April Fools Day 2012 is no exception with ads running in today's UK broadsheet newspapers under the headline 'turn your car into a coach':

BMW April Fools 2012 newspaper advert
BMW April Fools 2012 ad in UK newspapers
 The 2012 BMW April Fools ad features the 'BMW driverless Running Coach' (!)

BMW April Fools 2012 Driverless running coach
BMW April Fools 2012 - Driverless Running Coach

"BMW April Fools 2012 driverless running coach"
BMW April Fools 2012 Driverless Running Coach dashboard

BMW state: 'As an official sponsor of London 2012, BMW has been inspired to develop a new technology helping customers to boost their fitness in the run up to the Games. The new driverless Running Coach feature uses a combination of ConnectedDrive technologies and surround view cameras to enable the car to follow the runner, at a safe distance, while pounding the pavement. To help with motivation, integrated exterior speakers play encouraging words while the Lock Out Logistics feature makes sure that any distance set is completed without cheating.

Alvin Alaff, Head of Futile Innovations at BMW’s renowned Forschungs und Innovationszentrum, said “It’s a car gym but not as we know it.” Further details on the driverless Running Coach can be found by contacting 0800 561 0080 or emailing'

Another great April Fool idea from BMW!

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Anonymous said...

Checkout It's the Best (or worst?) April fools joke ever.

Anonymous said...

It fails to be a good April fools joke. Too unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Typo on: Drill Sargent

should be: Drill Sargeant