Friday, 31 August 2012

How to create Earned Media / advocacy? Ask for it!

Earned Media impressions generated by the actions of customers / potential customers essentially comes from one of two areas - either from product experience or as a response to advertiser activities in Paid advertising / Owned content.

Earned Media impressions are not guaranteed though, a conscious decision has to be made before someone recommends or shares something.  There are various ways of increasing the likelihood of Earned Media being generated, but perhaps the easiest (and often overlooked) method is to ask!

Last year All Facebook reported research from Momentus Media showing that in a Facebook post 'asking for a Like gets a 216% higher interaction rate than otherwise' .  This idea can be seen to work in other social areas too.  For example, on checking out of a hotel recently I was asked if I had had a good stay.  My answer was positive (we had had an enjoyable few days) and at this point I was then presented with a card encouraging me to leave comments on TripAdvisor.  This simple card seems to be a very effective piece of Earned Media marketing as on TripAdvisor this hotel now ranks number 2 out of 50 in the area...

Encouraging advocacy on Trip Advisor - my (now dirty) card from Mar Hotels
Earned Media is powerful, evidenced by data such as Nielsen's recent research that found that 92% of consumers around the world trust Earned Media most (up 17% on 2007.)  Generating Earned Media impressions is not always easy, but having a strategy to encourage it (especially through explicit request) can see some good results!

Do you actively ask for Likes, recommendations and endorsements?

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