Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mo Farah Twitter Trending event

Last night we watched the amazing Mo Farah win his second gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics.  The minutes and hours following this saw something interesting happening on Twitter too...

There was a large amount of tweeting including the word 'Farah' before, during and after the 5000m race - this graph from (free Twitter tool) Twitscoop shows the spike:

Mo Farah Olympics Twitter 5000m
'Mo Farah' Twitscoop graph of related tweeting
This became even more pronounced when TV screens around the world saw Usain Bolt joining in with the fun and 'doing the Mobot' to celebrate after his own race:

Usain Bolt Mobot Mo Farah Olympics London 2012
Usain Bolt Mo Farah mobot tribute
Twitter aggregated all of the Mo Farah content and highlighted it for users by including 'Mo Farah' in the list of Twitter Trends, but rather than being a standard Trend, 'Mo Farah' was highlighted at the top of the Trend list as a 'Trending Event':

Twitter Trending event Mo Farah Olympics
Twitter Trending event 'Mo Farah'
Clicking on this Twitter 'Trending Event' opened a page that pulled in Twitter content around 'Mo Farah' - images, videos, people and (of course) tweets:

Twitter Mo Farah content
Twitter Mo Farah content
Highlighting the different types of content relating to an event makes Twitter more useful / relevant, but also further fuels the conversation - people talk about what other people are talking about and the effect of 'the rich get richer.'

Trending Events is clearly a Twitter development / experiment driven by the mass interest in the Olympics, but it will be interesting to see where this goes afterwards - does it mean Twitter becomes even more of a content aggregator / platform as well as a platform for conversation?

(and well done Mo Farah!)

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