Thursday, 6 September 2012


Catroulette is based on the infamous Chatroulette!

Linking through to a cat adoption centre in Brugges (Belgium) Cat Roulette allows visitors to watch video feed of a cat and decide whether to 'Adopt' or 'Next':

Cat Roulette Belgium Brugge Zeebrugge adoption
Cat Roulette - 'Next' or 'Adopt'?
Cat Roulette is another example of using an existing idea in a different way for a different audience on an Owned Media platform (Chat Roulette idea+Belgian cats=Cat Roulette.)  This content initiative seems to have succeeded in generating widespread Earned attention and approaching 3000 people have 'nexted' the cat above (note the prominence of the sharing functionality too.)

I haven't reconciled Cat Roulette in my head yet though - is it cool or cruel? 

Does Cat Roulette trivialise something serious or will Cat Roulette have real, positive impact on the cause? (though obviously the outcomes resulting from activity like this can be tracked.)

You can tryCat Roulette here: and the CatRoulette cat pictured above is cat number 54:

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