Thursday, 1 November 2012

Air New Zealand Hobbit safety video - 'an Unexpected Briefing' #airnzhobbit

Air New Zealand have been using video content for a few years now.  I drew attention to the fact that 'Air New Zealand have nothing to hide' in 2009 and in their latest Hobbit inspired film, Air New Zealand proclaim themselves the 'airline of Middle Earth.'  The resulting Air New Zealand safety video features a number of Hobbit characters and cameo appearances:

This Air New Zealand Hobbit safety video, called 'an unexpected briefing', is also the jumping off point for more content as Air New Zealand are giving viewers the chance to win a trip to New Zealand for the Hobbit premiere - and the Hobbit competition answer is based on the new safety video:

Air New Zealand Hobbit competition
All good fun and another demonstration of how Owned Media assets (store, point of sale, product etc) can be used for content marketing (the view count on the Hobbit Safety video is rising quickly, it's already passed 500,000 views on YouTube.)

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