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ElfYourself 2012 at - OfficeMax Christmas tradition returns for 2012!

ElfYourself is back for 2012!

ElfYourself 2014 is here!

The OfficeMax tradition is returning for Christmas 2012, allowing you to 'ElfYourself' into a personalised Christmas message by simply uploading a photo and designing an Oddcast powered Christmas Elf greeting.

ElfYourself2012 powered by Oddcast
ElfYourself 2012 - powered by Oddcast
ElfYourself was first created for Christmas 2006 by the Evolution Bureau and the idea of Elf(ing) Yourself has grown to become a popular holiday pastime across the world.  In the first year received over 36 million site visits with 11 million elves made.  The number of elves created has continued to increase as the site has returned year after year and hundreds of millions of elves have now been created.  How many more elves will be made through Elf Yourself 2012?

Over the years ElfYourself has gradually evolved and users can now upload photos from desktop, webcam or Facebook.  Elf Yourself creators then use the tools provided to manipulate the faces of their elves:

ElfYourself2012 - adjust elf face
ElfYourself 2012 - adjust elf face

ElfYourself 2012 make another elf
ElfYourself 2012 - make another elf
Originally starting as a simple microsite, is now powered by Oddcast and has email / social sharing built into it.  Users of Elf Yourself can share their films with friends through Facebook, Twitter etc, embed their films to blogs / websites and can pay to download their ElfYourself video (this enables Elf Yourself users to have a permanent version of their films - the site only opens for the holiday season.)  There is even a range of ElfYourself merchandise which can feature a users' personal ElfYourself images - for example items such as mugs, magnets, puzzles, blankets, mouse mats and real world greeting cards are available to purchase directly from the ElfYourself site.

This year Elf Yourself options include variants such as Classic, Soul, Hip Hop, 80's and Charleston:

ElfYourself 2012 Hip Hop elf
ElfYourself 2012 - Hip Hop elf!

ElfYourself 2012 Charleston elf
ElfYourself 2012 Charleston elf!
The principle of creating templated personalised messages continues to spread and be adopted by more and more brands and organisations ('Obama Yourself', 'Mad Men Yourself', 'Simpsonize Yourself' and so on.)

Indeed, a major premise behind many viral initiatives is this idea of personalisation of content. Personalisation and user involvement helps turn Owned Media into something to be shared and talked about (Owned drives Earned) and Office Max's Elf Yourself remains the king of the genre - I'm sure ElfYourself 2012 will be another hit!


There is now also a live aspect to Elf Yourself 2012 - using a webcam users can broadcast Elf style to the world:

Elf Yourself 2012 Live
ElfYourself 2012 Live - broadcast to live to all the other Elf Yourself users!

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