Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Skydiving cats from Folksam in Sweden [video]

Cats are prominent features of internet meme culture with online users seemingly unable to resist posting and sharing cat pictures and videos.  This presents a challenge for those advertisers with cat / animal related products though.  There is potential for relevant content to be widely shared, but it has to cut through all the other cat videos in order to gain attention.

A new video from Swedish insurer Folksam to promote their pet insurance services seems to have found a new angle for the cat video - skydiving cats(!):

Folksam skydiving cats!

Since posting the above, the skydiving cats have indeed 'gone viral', with internet users across the world watching and spreading the film.  Pass on is being fuelled by a 'this is cool' mentality, but there are also a number of people who seem to think that cats really were sent skydiving during the filming of this ad (they weren't!)

As the view count has risen, an English version of the skydiving Folksam cats film is now online:

The Swedish skydiving cats have even appeared in a news segment on CNN which explains how the ad was shot (driving further attention and coverage both internationally and within Sweden):

Language has not been a barrier to this content spreading, skydiving cats + R. Kelly seems to have universal appeal!  (It is also worth noting that after a while the news story changes from being around 'look at this content' to becoming about 'look how far this content has spread.')

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The creativity was good so the video looking good