Monday, 11 February 2013

Downton Abbey sing 1D / One Direction 'What Makes You Beautiful' - video / music mashup

New YouTube mashup sees the Downton Abbey cast sing One Direction 'What Makes You Beautiful'!

Downton Abbey perform One Direction 'What Makes You Beautiful'
YouTube user Buchan39 has mashed together various Downton Abbey clips over the top of the One Direction hit.  The result is remarkable... The video jumps around a bit, but I think it's very clever and can't imagine how long it took to mash One Direction and Downton Abbey together!

And if you like the One Direction / Downton Abbey mashup then you might like the cast of Mad Men singing Rick Astley too:

Thanks Rik for the link - and another example of how creative YouTube users can be...!

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Tim Baynes Art said...

Marvellous and the MAD MEN piece I love it
thanks for sharing Nicco


Anonymous said...

this video is amazing! there's also "Downton Abbey Kids" on youtube, another great video, look it up!