Monday, 4 February 2013

Duracell and Oreo Super Bowl power outage Facebook responding - lights off creates opportunity for conversation...

Every year much is made of the advertising placed around the Super Bowl and many brands work out strategies far in advance of the big event.  There are also conversational opportunities on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook too...

Last night, when the Super Bowl lights went out as a result of the power outage at the New Orleans Superdome both Oreo and and Duracell were quick to create conversational content.  As viewers across America turned to social media platforms to discuss what was happening, these brands used the opportunity to participate and create attention.

Duracell simply posted a Facebook status update alongside a photo with a suitable (brand related) comment:

Duracell Super Bowl power outage
Duracell "if only duracell were powering the lights" Super Bowl Facebook status

Oreo went one stage further and even created a piece of Facebook content specifically for the Super Bowl lights out power failure (in line with the Oreo brand voice and previous Oreo Facebook postings around events):

Oreo Super Bowl power outage Facebook
Oreo "You can still dunk in the dark" Facebook Super Bowl post

Both Oreo and Duracell acted in line with their brand tone of voice and joined the Super Bowl lights out / power cut conversation in a very relevant way gaining significant coverage as a result - Duracell gained over 40,000 Likes and the Oreo Superbowl post was shared over 6500 times.

There is always a difficult balancing act in creating content around a major event (permission / sponsorship rights etc) but I think in acting quickly around the Super Bowl power outage both Oreo and Duracell have been able to generate significant attention and engagement.

UPDATE: Audi USA joined in on Twitter too, gaining 9213 retweets of a tweet that simply said 'Sending some LEDs to the @MBUSA Superdome right now...':

Audi Super Bowl power outage tweet

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Jeremy said...

Audi and Volkswagen did a good job too!