Thursday, 21 February 2013

Red Bull Harlem Shake skydiving (and Pepsi and Sea World too) - brands join in with the Harlem Shake craze...

Advertising agencies have been quick to jump onto the Harlem Shake bandwagon, indeed there is a Tumblr dedicated to ad agency Harlem Shake efforts at Harlem Shake Agency here and the efforts of over 200 agencies are featured. However, (surprisingly?) few brands have tried to follow the Harlem Shake trend by making their own Harlem Shake brand videos.  There are some examples but I can't seem to find many:

- Pepsi Harlem Shake videos uploaded to YouTube show one Pepsi Harlem Shake with product and one Pepsi Harlem Shake video with Jeff Gordon and his crew:

- Sea World San Antonio Harlem Shake stars various Sea World trainers and animals doing the Harlem Shake routine together:

- Perhaps the best of all the advertiser brand Harlem Shake videos to date has been published by Red Bull: 

Red Bull skydive Harlem Shake
Red Bull Harlem Shake Skydive edition screengrab
True to the Red Bull extreme sports personality, the Red Bull Harlem Shake video is based around Skydiving (and also notes in the comments: "WE KNOW! Everyone is making Harlem Shake videos, and to be honest its about time to close this chapter of the internet. Thats why we decided to go out with style.")

The 'Harlem Shake (Skydive Edition) - THE END' may be a great way to finish the Harlem Shake trend, but I think it might have someway to go yet...

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