Monday, 25 March 2013

Dave Seaman Kickstarter DJ Mix compilation #kickstartdave - the first crowd funded 2 x CD DJ Mix compilation album!

Dave Seaman is a dance music legend and his latest project is interesting...

Previously half of Brothers In Rhythm, Dave Seaman has had chart success as an artist (remember Such A Good Feeling?), as a producer / remixer for many big names and as a DJ in his own right, featuring on CD mix album releases from the first Mixmag complitation through to mixes for Global Underground and Renaissance. Dave Seaman's latest project takes in a fresh approach though - namely using funding platform Kickstarter to generate the finance to create the first crowd funded 2 x CD compilation album.

Kickstarter allows anyone to post an idea and ask for backing from internet users.  If a project reaches its target by the deadline date it goes ahead (if the target is not reached, backers don't get charged and the project does not proceed.)  In successful Kickstarter projects the creator gets to follow through on an idea and the backers get a stake in the final outcome.

Kickstarter has seen some prominent successes and interesting stories realised so far.  $10m was raised for the Pebble watch, $3m was raised to create an 'affordable 3D printer.'  Numerous video game and ents projects have also been realised thanks to Kickstarter support, including the real-life rags to riches film of the former Watford football player Jay DeMerit's career! (Produced after raising $223,442 through Kickstarter from 1937 backers - )

Dave Seaman Kickstarter DJ Mix compilation
Dave Seaman kickstarter DJ Mix compilation
The Dave Seaman Kickstarter target is £25,000, money which will be used to bring the first crowd funded DJ mix compilation into being.

Money will be used for:

"licensing advances for the artists and labels featured, mechanical royalties, artwork & sleeve design, production and manufacture, postage and packaging. Plus, we have to pay people to actually do the licensing and contracting for us, mastering engineers to make it sound perfect and maybe even some PR people so we can spread the word about what could potentially be a game changing concept."

Backers of the Dave Seaman Kickstarter project will be rewarded, with the reward corresponding to their level of contribution.  I have bought a 'backer only version of the CD', but there are other options too:

"In exchange for your support in making this happen, you, the pledger has the opportunity to secure all sorts of exciting and exclusive rewards from signed copies of the album (a double CD no less), your name featured in the Thank You section of the album credits and exclusive T shirts featuring fancy artwork from those awesome designers Neighbour right through to one-to-one DJ lessons, VIP nights out or even a private party for you and all your friends. Well not all of them, just 30. Now you don't get all that when you pre order from Amazon do you?"

The Dave Seaman Kickstarter DJ mix CD is another example of the ability of the internet to directly connect artists to the audience to facilitate groundbreaking initiatives and, with 24 days to go, £11,116 of the £25,000 total has been raised from 225 backers.

Really interested to see how this turns out!

(Disclaimer - I am not an investment advisor, I am simply highlighting this as an interesting use of Kickstarter and kickstarter terms and conditions apply to every project)

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