Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pony remixes - #danceponydance mixer and alternative versions of the new ad campaign for 3

The new UK ad campaign for mobile phone network 3 features a moonwalking pony and a Fleetwood Mac soundtrack before finishing with the strapline 'Silly Stuff. It Matters.' (The Dance Pony ad is supporting 3's mobile internet proposition and encourages viewers to 'Keep On Internetting...')

This 'Dance Pony' film has been gaining YouTube views, but internet users also have the chance to remix the Three Pony Dance ad ('mash up your pony') using the Pony Mixer at ponymixer.com:

Dance Pony Dance Pony Mixer
Dance Pony Dance Pony Mixer

Dance Pony Dance Pony Mixer Rock version
Dance Pony Dance Pony Mixer Rock version
The Pony Mixer offers a number of options for 'mashing up your pony' including:

- Boyband Pony featuring WestLife 'When You're Looking Like That'
- Hip Hop Pony featuring Run DMC 'It's Tricky'
- Rave Pony featuring Darude 'Sandstorm'
- Rock Pony featuring Europe 'The Final Countdown'
- Love Pony featuring Bonnie Tyler 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'
- Funk Pony featuring Wild Cherry 'Play That Funky Music'
- Punk Pony featuring the Undertones 'Teenage Kicks'
- Bollywood Pony featuring Tu Meri

There is a Pony Mixer trailer:

and different Pony Dance videos have been created for all the different Pony Mixer options available, leading to Pony Dance YouTube films like this:

Hip Hop Pony

Rock Pony

Love Pony

The Pony Dance ad therefore plays out on TV / cinema as a piece of broadcast creative, but then drives people online where they can interact with different Pony versions and share them with friends - TV leads to YouTube which leads to a microsite that leads back to YouTube which then encourages further sharing - all in support of the idea of 'Keep on Internetting.'

Paid Owned Earned with a feel good factor!

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