Tuesday, 12 March 2013

WolfDog - the new Old Spice campaign running across multiple social channels

Mr WolfDog is the new face for Old Spice. WolfDog is the new 'Executive Director of Marketing' and has taken over the official Old Spice Twitter feed.  WolfDog also has a Twitter account of his own @DirectorWolfDog.

- Mr WolfDog announced his Old Spice appointment in a YouTube video announcement ("sometimes you gotta eat people America, that's how business works"):

- The Old Spice Facebook account has been suitably updated with WolfDog imagery and comment:

Old Spice WolfDog Facebook image
Old Spice WolfDog Facebook

And there is a range of other WolfDog / Old Spice content that incorporates some of the latest content trends:

- A Mr WolfDog animated gif:

Old Spice WolfDog animated gif
Director WolfDog Old Spice animated gif annoucement

- an Old Spice WolfDog Tumblr at www.mrwolfdog.com

Old Spice WolfDog Tumblr image
Old Spice Wild Collection WolfDog Tumblr
- a WolfDog Google Hangout (where internet users could apply to work as the WolfDog assistant #workforwolfdog)

The tone of voice is similar to the original 'I'm on a horse' Old Spice man ads and Mr. WolfDog has been brought to life across a range of channels with everything unashamedly mentioning / promoting the new Old Spice animal scents.

Will be interesting to see how long this WolfDog Old Spice activity runs for and how it develops...

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