Monday, 22 April 2013

YouTube blood donation film integrates into video progress bar (Hemorio, Brazil)

A clever new film from Hemorio in Brazil highlights the fact that in Brazil, no matter how much blood is donated, there is always someone waiting for a blood donation - the film is therefore named 'waiting for life' and aims to encourage more people to donate blood in Brazil.

Screengrab from blood donation film on Youtube - the video progress bar morphs into a catheter...
In order to make the film more noticeable (and newsworthy), the makers created "a link between the waiting time and the importance of getting blood to those who need it. In the video, the blood leaves the veins of the donor and enters the YouTube video progress bar as if it were an extension of the catheter", then when the blood reaches its destination the patient comes back to life...

The full English version of the 'waiting for life' blood donation film is here:

A nice example of how content can be strengthened through integrating it into the mechanics of a platform!

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