Wednesday, 8 May 2013

'Nandos Fergie Time' on Twitter - chicken restaurant reacts to Manchester United news! #nandosfergietime

Nando's restaurant have responded to the widely tweeted news that Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson will retire at the end of the season.

In recognition of 'Fergie time' (the belief of many that Manchester United are seemingly granted additional time at the end of matches when they need it most) Nando's have arranged for all of their Manchester restaurants to be open for an additional 5 minutes tonight.

Nandos have tweeted about this and have been retweeted around 6000 times in 30 minutes!

Nandos Fergie Time nandosfergietime
#NandosFergieTime - Nando's restaurants open later today to honour Alex Ferguson
Nando's have even changed the restaurant opening times on their website!

Nandos Fergie Time opening hours nandosfergietime
Nando's Fergie Time - opening hours changed on Nando's website

Always-on content marketing is about having a finger on the pulse and being quickly able to capitalise on the Zeitgeist.  Another name for this is 'newsjacking' (the idea of piggybacking a news story in order to drive relevance and coverage) and #nandosfergietime does exactly that!

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