Saturday, 30 November 2013

Black Friday content marketing - how brands built #blackfriday into their content calendars

The majority of the Black Friday marketing communication involved messages screaming 'special offer', 'big discount' or just 'BUY TODAY!!!!'  However, some advertisers used Black Friday as a platform for branding - here are some examples of some of the Black Friday social content that was published on Twitter:

1) XBox

XBox tweeted about the new game Dead Rising 3 and suggested that surviving a Black Friday crowd would equip players to perform well in Dead Rising 3 (Twitter link:

XBox Dead Rising 3 Black Friday tweet
XBox Dead Rising - Black Friday tweet

2) Diet Coke

A can of Diet Coke was suggested as the Black Friday 'secret weapon' by the Diet Coke Twitter account (Twitter link:

Diet Coke Black Friday secret weapon tweet
Diet Coke - Black Friday Secret Weapon tweet

3) Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret simply noted 'We get it. The madness is not for everyone...' (Twitter link:

Victorias Secret Black Friday tweet
Victoria's Secret Black Friday tweet

4) Nissan USA

NissanUSA posted an image to Twitter with the simple caption of 'This is how we do it' (Twitter link:

Nissan Black Friday tweet
NissanUSA Black Friday - "This Is How We Do It" tweet

5) SF Giants

The San Francisco Giants used Twitter to wish people a 'Happy Orange & Black Friday!' (Twitter link:

San Francisco Giants Black Friday tweet
San Francisco Giants - Happy Orange and Black Friday

and finally....

6) Guinness

Guinness GB perhaps tapped into Black Friday better than anyone - telling the world that 'Every Friday is Black Friday'... (Twitter link:

Guinness Black Friday tweet
Guinness GB - Every Day Is Black Friday

The above are an interesting collection of tweets that show that days like Black Friday needn't be purely about 'buy this now', days like Black Friday can be built into content calendars and used to further the brand story too.

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