Sunday, 24 November 2013

Coke Zero Sweater Generator competition

Traditional Christmas jumpers and holiday sweaters now seem to be items to be embraced rather than feared.  This year Coke Zero are celebrating colourful holiday sweaters by allowing internet users to create their own using the 'Coke Zero Sweater Generator'!

The thinking behind the Coke Zero Sweater Generator is simple - 'Enjoy everything this holiday season, including the perfect combination of warmth, cheer and snow-cobras.'

At Coke Zero fans can 'create a custom sweater.'  Once created the aim is to get votes which could then lead to a user winning their own 'knit masterpiece.'

Coke Zero Sweater Generator
There are different patterns, colours and motifs that can be chosen - my Coke Zero sweater submission was a special selection of seasonal images including trees, Santa, reindeer, snowflakes, turkey, log fire flames and ninjas.  This was all created on a mustard yellow knit and set off by a Northern Lights night sky background:

coke zero sweater generator final
Coke Zero Sweater Generator - my design

Can you do better?


[disclaimer - my company, MediaCom, work with Coca-Cola in a number of markets but I was not personally involved in this campaign]

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