Monday, 11 November 2013

Elf Yourself 2013 at - OfficeMax Christmas tradition returns for 2013!

Elf Yourself is back for 2013!

For ElfYourself 2014 click here!

The OfficeMax tradition has returned for 2013, allowing you to 'Elf Yourself' into a personalised holiday greeting by uploading a photo from desktop, webcam or Facebook.

ElfYourself 2013 create an elf
Elf Yourself 2013 - create an elf
Elf Yourself 2013 functions in a similar way to the Elf Yourself of previous years, with users adjusting their photo using zoom and rotation tools to 'Adjust Face':

ElfYourself 2013 adjust face
Elf Yourself 2013 - adjust face
Elf Yourself 2013 users can then add up to a further 4 elves to their Elf Yourself 2013 christmas message:

ElfYourself 2013 make another elf
Elf Yourself 2013 - make up to 5 elves
Elf Yourself has been a Christmas viral hit since 2006 and over recent years hundreds of millions of elves have been created through the Elf Yourself tools.  Originally based on a microsite, Elf Yourself has grown and now allows Elf Yourself fans to share through the Elf Yourself site, Oddcast powered Elf Yourself apps and social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email.

Elf Yourself 2013 offers some new themes and tunes too.  There are the traditional Elf Yourself favourites such as Elf Yourself Classic, Elf Yourself Soul, Elf Yourself Hip Hop, Elf Yourself 80's and Elf Yourself Charleston, but Elf Yourself 2013 also sees the inclusion of:

Elf Yourself Office Party:

ElfYourself 2013 Office Party
Elf Yourself 2013 - Office Party
Elf Yourself 2013 Espanol:

ElfYourself 2013 Espanol
Elf Yourself 2013 Espanol
and finally, Elf Yourself 2013 EDM:

ElfYourself 2013 EDM
Elf Yourself 2013 EDM
Elf Yourself videos can also be embedded to websites and links to personalised Elf Yourself videos can be shared.  Elf Yourself videos are live until 1st January 2014 and Elf Yourself users are able to download their Elf Yourself films for $1:

ElfYourself 2013 download video
Elf Yourself 2013 - keep video
There are also additional incentives inside Elf Yourself 2013, with users offered a Free Calendar and the chance to 'Win $20,000 of products and services.'  The Coca-Cola holiday ads are on TV, the shops now have Christmas decorations up and Elf Yourself 2013 has launched - time to make a list and check it twice, the Christmas season for 2013 has arrived!

So how many elves will ElfYourself 2013 see created?  Which one is your favourite?!

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